The definitive program to become a YouTuber









A 360 degree complete guide on how to become a YouTube content creator.

Insights from Ankur Warikoo and his team that grew the channel from 7k subscribers to 3M+ subscribers in 3 years.


You love YouTube videos. And now you’re considering starting your own YouTube channel. Or maybe you already have one.

This course will give you everything that goes into running and growing a YouTube channel, starting from:

Picking your niche as a content creator.

Scripting and designing your video, and NEVER running out of ideas.

Learning the secrets of consistency.

Growing your channel WITHOUT paid ads.

Mastering data and using it to grow your channel.

Monetizing your channel and effectively creating multiple sources of revenue.

All of this, while understanding...

YouTube as a science.
Not virality. Not luck.

Pure science.

You put in the right inputs, and you INVARIABLY will get the right outputs!


Understanding YouTube Basics

New to YouTube and finding all the features confusing?

We’ve got your back. Learn the steps to create a channel, how to use YouTube Studio, YouTube Analytics, and familiarise yourself with other terminology.

Introspection - What, Why and How

Why should you pick YouTube as your platform?

Determine if YouTube is the right platform for you to create content on, how to approach content creation as a profession, and identify your purpose and content niche.

Identify your Target Audience

How do you ensure your content reaches the right audience?

If your audience is everyone, your audience is no one! Learn how to create an audience persona using frameworks.

Creating A Content Engine

How do the best creators produce content consistently and where do they gather ideas from?

Learn the secrets of high-quality, well-researched and steadily consistent videos. And apply them seamlessly to your channel!

Infrastructure and Post-Production

What are the must-haves for every piece of your content? What should you look for while buying new gear?

Learn the secrets of lighting design, audio, post-production that take your videos to the next level.

Graphic Design and Visual Identity

How can you create a striking visual identity for your channel and what theme should you choose?

Learn design basics and the elements of YouTube design to craft channel art and thumbnails that your viewers are bound to fall in love with!

Introduction to Science

How should you package your videos for YouTube success?

Learn how to carry out keyword research, write optimised descriptions, and come up with a title and thumbnail that boosts shareability.

Analysing Video Performance

YouTube provides a number of metrics to analyse - what next?

CTR, RPM, AVD - too much jargon, not enough time! Learn about the 3 factors that influence your video’s impressions, how to track data, and how to use insights to ensure each video performs well.

YouTube as an Income Source

How can you monetise your YouTube content?

Some proven, some out of the box ways you can earn money via YouTube, and make it your full-time money-generating machinery.

Module notes, bonus content, resources, access to Q&A recordings, and much more!




Hobbyists who want to share their interests and knowledge with like-minded people, and create an additional income stream

Working Professionals

Working Professionals who want to build a personal brand on YouTube and gain visibility within the industry.

Aspiring YouTubers

Aspiring YouTubers who want to start their content creation journey but are unsure of the initial steps.

Content Creators

Content Creators on other platforms who want to build an audience on YouTube, but are unsure of the platform’s technicalities and how to modify their niche for YouTube.

Existing YouTubers

Existing YouTubers who want to revitalise their channel’s strategy, enhance their content creation process, or make the shift towards pursuing YouTube content creation full time.


Brands who want to use YouTube to promote their products, services, or engage with their customers.



Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur, teacher, content creator, public speaker and mentor based out of India. He has been creating content on YouTube for the past 4 years, and grew from 7k subscribers to 3Mn+ subscribers in 36 months. Beyond YouTube, he has a following of 11.5Mn+ across all social media platforms.

Team Lead
Data Analyst
Graphic Designer
Video Editor
Audio Engineer



🙋‍♀️ Live Q&A Sessions

Six Monthly Live Q&A sessions by warikoo and team to resolve your queries. Lifetime access to the recordings of the same.

💼 Exclusive Workshops

Recreating a collaborative classroom experience through guest lectures, fireside chats, and other sessions hosted live.

🏘️ Community Channel

Be a part of an exclusive community channel with your fellow learns. Learn with and from other creators.

🚀 Course Upgrades

Gain additional future upgrades to bonus content, module lectures, webinars and other insights at no added cost!



Access to course notes only.


PDF Notes

Certificate of Completion


Access to video content, assignments and notes.


Video Content

Assignments and self grade guide

PDF Notes

Certificate of Completion


Access to complete course and live Q&A sessions with warikoo and team.


6 Live Q&A Sessions with warikoo & team

Exclusive Community Channel

Access to Bonus Content

Lifetime Access to Course Upgrades

Video Lectures

Assignments and self grade guide

PDF Notes

Certificate of Completion



How long will it take to get access to the course?
Your credentials to access the course will be delivered to your inbox within 5-10 minutes of your purchase. Please check your promotions/updates tab and spam folder as well.
What is the time commitment required for the course?
The course is self-paced and will require approximately 20 hours. If you have the Premium version, you’ll also have access to bonus content, monthly live community sessions, and monthly live Q&A sessions.
Do I need to have a YouTube channel for this course?
To make the most of this course and to action your learnings, we highly recommend you to have a YouTube channel. The course is designed to be relevant for all YouTube channels, irrespective of the number of subscribers.
Can only individual creators apply?
Both individuals and/or a group/team of a creator(s) working together can apply.
Is the course in Hindi or in English?
The course is in Hinglish and consists of English subtitles. The primary language will be in English but there may be some discussions or banter in Hindi.
Does the course come with any live interaction?
Yes, the premium version of this course consists of live group Q&A sessions with Ankur Warikoo.
Will I get a certificate of completion?
A Certificate will be available upon the completion of the course.
Is there a group that I can join after purchasing the course?
Yes. You will join a community of like-minded enthusiasts wherein you can share your doubts and connect with more people.
Can I cancel my course purchase if I don’t like it? Will I get a refund?
Yes! You can cancel your course within 14 days of purchase if you don’t like it. You can email us at & we’ll cancel and refund your money. No awkward questions asked :)
How can I contact you in case of any issues or concerns?
You can email us at & we’ll get back to you shortly.
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